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“With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable” ~ Thomas Fowell Buxton

The only way to get stuff done is, do it now. Don’t get caught up in everything you have to do as a whole. This can overwhelm you and paralyze your progress. Just focus on the first thing that needs to be done, and finish it. Then move on to the next.     #jessejames  (at Austin Texas)

Welder Purchased= Updates soon

Welder is purchased as well as also tracking down other equipment to get fab work back under way soon. Should have some updates soon of much better content than just bolt ons and DIY’s.

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Replacing an Oil Pan on a Volkswagen 1.8T

Replacing an Oil Pan on a Volkswagen 1.8T

To start with all you will need besides your usual oil change gear is a 10mm socket with ratchet, a 5mm allen socket, and a 16mm socket also. Start off by pulling the drain plug and draining any remaining oil out of the pan. Now take a second to locate all of the bolts holding the oil pan on. There are 20 10mm bolts that hold the pan to the motor itself, 2 5mm allen bolts holding the oil drain…

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Oil Pan #1

Air ride wasn’t enough to get away from an expansion joint on the freeway today. Will be doing a how to on the pan replacement in the following days.

Corvette Wheels Alert (Double Staggered)

Corvette Wheels Alert (Double Staggered)

Decided to put some corvette wheels on the gti to take the place of the steelies. Low maintenance wheels mean more time to spend on the performance side of things.
-Motorsport Tech adaptors 38mm all the way around
-17×8.5″ in the front on Nankang 205/45R17
-18×9.5″ in the rear on Nankang 215/40R18


Big thanks to Motorsport Tech for such a short wait on the adaptors and included…

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Rain Day

Started to put the 350 in the ‘71 only to have rain come in for the day.

Silverado Front Winter Cover FOR SALE

Excellent condition front grille and front bumper winter covers for a duramax for sale. Came off an ’04 and should fit ’03-’07.
100$ shipped for the pair.
Email me at or contact me at 414-218-2379 if interested.



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20th Anniversary GTI

Picked up a 2003 Anniversary Edition GTI with some minor mods done. Would like to use this as a test bench for some new power ideas that are reliable enough to daily as OEM. Check back for updates.